KOSMO Membership

If you are interested in model or high power rocketry and would like to join a group of other people that share your interests, then consider joining KOSMO. If you are also a NAR member, we are NAR section #427. We welcome all ages and all levels of experience and skill. Membership includes a subscription to the bi-monthly newsletter, The Kosmonaut, launch fee discount at any of our launches, and the oportunity to participate in our annual business meeting.

You can become a member as either an individual or a family, for only $15.00 per year. Individuals under age 14 must sign up as a family with at least one adult. This is because the use of model rocket motors require adult supervision for those under 14.

Please click on the link below to download a membership form in pdf format that you can print and send along with payment. Or bring the form and payment to our next launch.

Click Here for Membership Form