The Kansas Organization for Spacemodeling is proud to present

The Kansas Rocket Aero Modeler's Open (KRAMO) 43

June 10-11 in Hutchinson, KS

KRAMO will be a NAR sanctioned, National Rocketry Competition (NRC) event. Any of this year's NRC events may be flown and the results of those flights will be submitted to the National Scoreboard.

The KRAMO contest will consist of four NRC events and two non-sanctioned events. Awards will be presented for each KRAMO event as well as an overall meet champion award.

Sport flying of Class 1 rockets that can reasonably be recovered in the launch area will also be allowed throughout the event.

KRAMO 43 Competitive Events

Open Spot Landing (2 attempts) (rules)

"C11" Green Egg Eggloft Duration (rules)

"A" Streamer Duration (NRC Sanctioned Event) (rules)

"A" Boost Glider Duration (NRC Sanctioned Event) (rules)

"A" Helicopter Duration (NRC Sanctioned Event) (rules)

"1/4 A" Parachute Duration (NRC Sanctioned Event) (rules)

Special Event Details

  • The Open Spot Landing event will differ from the official rules this year. Contestants will be given two attempts at spot landing and the best of two scores will be recorded.
  • The Eggloft Duration event will be different this year. All contestants must build and fly the stock Estes kit, The Green Egg. The rocket must be flown using an C11 motor. KOSMO will be purchasing 12 of the Green Egg kits and 24 C11-3 motors. These will be available to members at a reduced price as long as they last.
  • Eggs will be provided for the "Green Egg" Eggloft Duration KRAMO event.
  • Anyone wishing to fly NRC sanctioned events that are not part of the KRAMO events listed above must bring any items necessary for those events. This includes altimeters and payloads.
Days and Times:
Sat, June 10, 10:00am - 5:00pm
Sun, June 11, 9:00am - 3:00pm
Kansas State Fair Grounds Parking Lot — Hutchinson KS
See Launch Site Information for maps and directions
Entrance Fees:
Sport Flying: Free
Competative Flying: $7.00 ($14.00 for a Team)
Spectators: Free