The Kansas Organization for Spacemodeling (KOSMO) is a group of families and individuals in Kansas that have a common interest in model rocketry. KOSMO is a chartered Section of the National Association of Rocketry (NAR).

Summer Activities

Posted June 3, 2014

We often take a bit of a break with scheduled launches in the summer. However, this year the NAR Annual Meet (NARAM) is being held in Pueblo Colorado and several KOSMO members have plans to attend. At last count, as many as 10 people associated with KOSMO (including a couple spouses) are planning to make the trip. Most plan to only be there for the first weekend sport launch, but for some of us, it will be our first NARAM experience. If anyone hasn't already gotten registered, be sure you do that soon. NARAM will be from July 26 to August 1.

Our next club launch will be Saturday, August 23, back in Hutchinson. The launch will be held from 8:00am to noon, hopefully beating most of the heat of the day. Also that day is the Cosmosphere's Dine Around Fly Around fund raiser. Watch for more announcements about that and consider making a day of it.

Hope everyone has a great summer and stay cool!

KRAMO 34 — Success

Posted June 3, 2014

Another KRAMO is in the books. We had a great weekend. Thanks especially to the four members of KCAR, in Kansas City who came to Hutchinson to participate. Thanks also to KOSMO charter members Mark and Bonnie Johnson who came all the way from Columbia, MO. We had very good weather on Saturday and Sunday morning was okay too. It got winday Sunday afternoon, but by that time we had finished all of the events and made it to Ken's Pizza for the traditional lunch and awards ceremony. We had enough participates that we fulfilled the requirements of a NAR Regional Meet, so all events were counted. At the end of everything, Duane Lanterman was named over-all meet winner. We also managed to break a couple national records. The Kansas City Flying Monkeys team bested the previous A altitude with altimeter record for teams and Dave Lucas nearly doubled the previous record in the same event for an individual. Thanks again to everyone who participated.


Sport Launch

Saturday, August 23, 2014
8:00am - 12:00pm
Hutchinson, KS
Morning launch to beat the heat
Class 1 sport flying


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