The Kansas Organization for Spacemodeling (KOSMO) is a group of families and individuals in Kansas that have a common interest in model rocketry. KOSMO is a chartered Section of the National Association of Rocketry (NAR).

Launch Status

Sport Launch

Sat May 20, 2023

Hutchinson, KS

Current Launch Status — GREEN

Mon, May 15, 2023 — At this time, the weather for this coming Saturday appears to be acceptable for a rocket launch.

KOSMO Looking Forward to the 2023 Launch Season

Posted: February 19, 2023

The KOSMO launch schedule has been set for the 2023 season. We will once again start out with SpringFest on March 18th. This is a high-power rocket launch near Ellinwood, KS. Kansas weather in March is rather volitile so we have two alternative dates planned, the first for March 25th, and the second for April 1st. Stay tuned to the web site or our Facebook page for announcements concerning the launch schedule.

Please see the Events Page for the 2023 schedule. If you are interested in coming to one of our launches, take a look at the Spectators and Guests page for information.


Sport Launch

Sat, May 20, 2023
10:00am - 4:00pm
Hutchinson, KS


Mar-Apr 2023

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